Outer Space

Sexual Memory
[Dark Colony 2]
Ménage Everlasting

Jeremy Cahill will stop at nothing to find his missing love, Angelica Brice. Not even crossing into the Forbidden Zone to retrieve her prevents his illegal search. Not even if she can´t remember him or what they mean to each other. Not even if she also loves William, who´s saved her repeatedly in mortal combat during her absence.

Parisa wakes up in a gladiator´s arena chained to a stranger and with no recollection of her identity. She and William fight for their lives in the gladiator ring to earn their freedom. Named by the man who saved her life, Parisa has only one memory, a very satisfying sexual memory with another man, or is he only a dream?

William is falling hopelessly in love with Parisa as they battle mutant monsters in this primitive world. His only recollection is dancing with a beautiful bride in a castle at sunset, but is it his wife? Or can he keep Parisa once they´re free?

Heat Level: SEXTREME
Genre: Erotic Romance, Futuristic, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Science Fiction
Length: 96,373
Excerpt: Adult Excerpt

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Cover art by Les Byerley
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