Outer Space

Shotgun Bride

A shotgun denting their forehead isn´t the way Matt Drakestone or Colton Westmoreland intended to get married, however, Ella Parker, the naked woman sandwiched between them, is certainly worth any mild discomfort. They rescued her from certain death, as she was locked in a basement filling with storm water. They claimed the wicked sexual reward she offered, and now must face the slight embarrassment of her father finding them all in bed together.

Fortunately, they´re ready to marry her, hoping she´ll give them the heir they need to secure their legacy property. Unfortunately, the two men her father brought along have the same intention, and they´ve already put down a deposit for her bride price.

Ella made a deal with Matt and Colton to avoid marrying the two men her father selected. After a single night together, she´s already half in love. Her deplorable father doesn´t care for Ella beyond the generous bride price she´ll fetch because of her ability to conceive, but the secret he hides may well ruin their landowner ambitions.

Categories: Erotic Romance, Futuristic, Multiple Partners, Western/Cowboys
Word Count: 38,862
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Siren Everlasting Polyromance: Erotic Futuristic Multiple Partner Cowboy Romance, M/F/M

Excerpt: Adult Excerpt .

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Cover art by Les Byerley


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