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About Lara Santiago

Who is Lara Santiago? Well, I hold several titles. Among them are wife, mom, daughter, sister, and most recently writer. Saying, "I'm a writer," whenever asked is a secret little thrill I've discovered I enjoy very much.
Lara Santiago
I write in several genres, but I always like to keep things spicy for whatever world I'm in and to that end, if you are under eighteen, you should not be reading my books or excerpts. Adults only please.

When I go to the sites of my favorite authors, I always like to read about them and catch up on books I may have missed, but mostly I'm looking for how they made it and what they write.

"The Call," I received from Siren Publishing came on August 31 at 3:45 p.m. and thankfully I had the wherewithal to note the time and date. I'll be forever grateful to my editor Diana for understanding my slow shocked behavior on the phone. Thanks Diana, you rock!

I've always written stories in my head playing the what if game repeatedly and not just with my kids. I found myself having conversations while alone by myself and blushing when my husband would ask, "Who in the world are you talking to?"

Almost three years ago, I bought a laptop with the express purpose of writing a book. I wanted to get up enough nerve to enter a local contest I'd seen advertised for years at the local library. The second reason was so I could stop talking to myself and get the stories out of my head and on paper. My husband can now enjoy the silence. Oh who am I kidding? I still talk to myself, but at least now he understands and just nods and smiles.

I'm a book-o-holic! I read very fast and while I read lots of different genres, mystery and romance are at the top of my list. I've loved romance since my early teens. My cousin was babysitting one summer and found a racy popular title of the time and read the back cover blurb to me. I would mention the racy title, but it would certainly 'date' me. From then on, I could not resist reading romance novels.

Up to that point, I'd read every Nancy Drew book written and seen every Perry Mason episode along with every mystery movie ever made. My mother, a huge mystery story fan, is still scratching her head wondering how she ended up with a a daughter writing romance novels. You didn't fail Mom, I just like a little romance with my mystery.okay a lot of romance.

As for other titles I've held over the years, I spent four very proud years in the Air Force as a logistics specialist working in aircraft supply. Recently, I worked several demanding jobs at a mail order greeting card and gift company based in Colorado.

After moving to Florida due to my husband's career, I've most recently been hanging around that faithful laptop computer I bought years ago. The letters are starting to chip off the keys because I type so much. Sparkly white finger nail polish works wonders for replacing them. If I could only make the letters legible....LOL.

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